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We are a full-service organization, with a number of specialties.

Connecting Track

Track Construction and Related Services

  • Surveying with total station theodolite and data collector
  • Track design using MicroStation and GEOPAK software with AutoCAD capability

  • New track construction – timber ties, steel ties, concrete slab track

  • Track repair and maintenance – stocked track supplies and JIT vendor agreements

  • Track abandonment

  • 24-hour emergency services 7 days a week - FAST RESPONSE!

  • Track inspection programs – FRA certified inspectors

  • Preventative maintenance programs

  • Drainage systems

  • Thermite welding for continuous welded rail

  • Weld repair of rail, switch points, frogs, derails, and other track components

  • Rail bonding and grounding, insulated rail joints

  • Rail lubricators

  • Grade crossings –prestressed concrete integral crossing/track systems, prefabricated concrete panel systems, prefabricated solid timber panel, prefabricated steel plank, steel reinforced rubber, full-depth rubber, steel flange with asphalt or concrete, rubber flange with asphalt or concrete, timber flange with asphalt or concrete

  • Production tie and rail replacement

  • Production track surfacing

General Construction Services


      • Site preparation, general excavation and trenching
      • Stone base preparation
      • Concrete and asphalt paving
      • Vacuum debris removal - culverts, catch basins 
      • Vegetation control – on and off-track


“RAIL-CARE” Track Inspection and Preventive Maintenance Program

·         Our main goals in providing our customers with this program are to prevent derailments and other out-of-service emergency situations, to enhance the safe operation of your railroad transportation system, and to assist budgeting track maintenance work in an economical manner.


Examples of typical services can include the following (services can be tailored to fit your requirements):

· Track Inspector(s) certified to perform inspections per Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) standards.  Each Inspector is tested in conformance with Part 213 of The Code of Federal Regulations.

· Track inspection vehicle(s).

· Track Inspector(s) will physically walk all active tracks, turnouts, and switch point derails to inspect their condition.  Inspection looks at the visual condition of track components such as rail and angle bars, track bolts, ties and tie plates, spikes, turnout components (switches and frogs), grade crossings, derails, bumpers, and related appliances. It should be pointed out that this type of inspection cannot be expected to reveal internal or latent defects in track and turnout components (internal rail defects, cracked/broken bolt hole behind an angle bar, etc.).

· Track Inspector(s) will check tracks, turnouts, and derails for gage, surface, cross-level, and alignment.

· Clean active railroad switches (in turnouts and switch point derails) of debris and accumulated lubricant on switch slider plates, in switch tie cribs under the switch points and around the switch operating rods, around the switch stand, and in the frog and guardrail wheel flange areas.

NOTE: The need to clear heavy accumulations of ice and/or snow are outside the scope of what this work is designed to perform.


Deicer switch lubricant, and deicers to control snow and ice build-up around the switch area, can be applied at an additional cost using established Time& Material rates.


· Apply railroad switch lubricant to all switch slider plates, as well as on operating rod and switch stand pivot points. Lubricants used are approved products designed especially for lubrication of railroad switches and stands, and are used by various Class I Railroads. MSDS will be provided upon request.

· Adjust operation of railroad switches as required.

· Spot tighten loose bolts in track and/or turnout rail joints, and in switch and/or frog connections. This work is designed to be accomplished where necessary to correct a defect that threatens immediate safe use of the trackage.

· Tighten loose spikes as required to maintain safe track gage.

· Check in with the company representative after completing each inspection to provide an overview of track and turnout conditions. Any urgent repairs that should be done will be discussed at this time. Defects that are quite serious and present an emergency situation will be suggested for correction before any rail traffic passes over the affected area. Other defects can be budgeted and scheduled for repair.

· Walk any or all of the trackage with the company representative upon request to point out defects.

· Provide a written report following each inspection to identify defects that are found.


Service work performed within the “RAIL-CARE” program is designed to be somewhat minor in nature, and does not replace the need for normal track/turnout repair and maintenance.


This program easily pays for itself by reducing annual maintenance and repair costs, reducing the possibility of derailment, reducing the need for emergency expense to make repairs that go undetected, by maintaining safe conditions for use of railroad switch stands, and by helping to prevent unnecessary wear to switch and track components. It is of course necessary to recognize the existence of defects when inspections bring them to your attention, and to take the suggested course of action for repairs and maintenance work to fully realize the benefits and cost savings of the program.


Fritz-Rumer-Cooke “RAIL-CARE” programs are in place for a number of Railroads and Industrial customers throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Illinois.


Fritz Rumer Cooke Co Inc is a EEO Employer and a Drug Free Workplace