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Class A CDL Driver / Trackman

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Job Qualifications:

Class A CDL with air brake & tanker endorsements.

Driver/Applicant must have a minimum of 2 years verifiable recent driving experience, and be 21 years of age minimum.

Must have own transportation and be able and willing to travel, in Ohio and surrounding States, sometimes further if job requires. 

No more than 3 moving violations in last 3 years or 4 points and no major violations; DUI, reckless operation.

Must be able to pass a CDL Physical and be qualified for 2 years and pass Pre-employment drug test.

Driver/Applicant must have knowledge of current DOT regulations and be able to maintain a log book, do D.V.I.R.’s, and other paperwork as required by Company policies.

Must be able to read and comprehend regulations and instructions in English, and posse’s competent ability to communicate verbally in English.

Must attend F.R.A. Safe Worker Training classes as scheduled by F.R.C., and successfully pass written/oral exam.

Must be able to continually lift 80 lbs and up to 100 lbs.

Must abide by all Safety Regulations of F.R.C., customers, F.R.A., F.M.C.S.A., D.O.T.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing is required with negative results.

Must have clean record No Felonies and be able to pass background checks.

The tanker endorsement is not required initially upon hire but you are required to obtain it in first 30 days of employment, as a condition of your continued employment.


Job Description:

Drive trucks with capacity of more than 3 tons to transport materials and equipment to specific destinations. Operate mechanical boom and cable and cable equipment to lift and move materials, machines, or products in many directions. Operate Dump Bed and or boom on trucks. Operate controls on sliding step deck and RGN style trailers. Flat bed or Heavy haul experiance is perfered. 

Driver will work with crews (as a Trackman) in construction and/or repairs of rail road tracks when on a jobsite and the truck(s) are not being used see trackman job description for details concerning additional job duties.


Detailed Work Activities:

Obey all local, State and Federal and DOT Regulations

maintain work records, logs, and timesheets, DVIR, and trip reports  

clean equipment or machinery

perform safety inspections in manufacturing or industrial setting

convey loads to destination

inspect material moving equipment such as cables, chains, binders and straps

load, unload, equipment, materials, or products

direct and coordinate activities of workers helping to load and unload

read or understand instruments on heavy equipment

examine products, materials and/or work to verify accuracy and conformance to specifications

operate material moving, loading, or unloading equipment

signal directions or warnings to coworkers

use hand or power tools

maintain or repair construction machinery or equipment

operate crane in construction, manufacturing or repair setting

measure, weigh, or count products or materials

operate cargo handling gear

operate maintenance of way (MOW) or other heavy construction equipment

read work order, instructions, maps

set up specialized rigging


Tasks Include:

Clean, lubricate, and maintain mechanisms such as boom, cables, pulleys, and grappling devices, making repairs as necessary.

Inspect and adjust boom and/or crane mechanisms and lifting accessories in order to prevent malfunctions and damage.

Review daily work and delivery schedules to determine orders, sequences of deliveries, and special loading instructions.

Load and unload materials and equipment from trucks, and properly store materials and equipment to proper locations on jobsite or in yard.  

Determine load weights and check them against lifting capacities in order to prevent overload.

Move levers, depress foot pedals, and turn dials to operate cranes, cherry pickers, or other moving equipment for lifting, moving, and placing loads.

Grasp, push or pull controls to close grasping devices on track or rail sections so that they can be raised or moved.

Climb up and down ladders on trucks in order to get to operators station to operate boom.

Inspect cables, hydraulic hoses and grappling devices for wear, and install or replace cables and hydraulic hoses as needed.


Conditions of Work:

Much of work is outdoors in all types of weather.

Job requires constant physical manual effort assisted by hand and power equipment as available and appropriate.

Normal work requires frequent or continuous lifting, bending, kneeling, reaching, pushing, pulling, climbing and similar body and limb movement.

Work is generally on or along a railroad track or walkway; track can be active during work times.

Work can also be on other areas, bridge or other elevated structure.

Required to wear hardhat, safety glasses with side shields, metatarsal guard safety work boots, and hearing protection at all times during performance of work.

Use of hand protection (gloves) is encouraged and sometimes required by customers in performance of normal duties. Hot-work or other special gloves are required for some operations.

Must wear safety/reflective vest, face shield, long-sleeve shirt, respiratory protection, protective body wear, fall protection device(s), leg chaps, and other personal protective equipment during performance of duties in special circumstances as required.

Work is performed under conditions that can expose workers to dust, toxic substances, electricity, railroad train traffic, highway traffic, loud noise, slippery and uneven footing, and other conditions.

Work is done day and/or night depending on customer schedules/needs.

Work is done on weekdays and weekends depending on customer schedules/needs.

Work can require frequent long work-hour durations, and emergency response at any time of day or any day of week.

Work is conducted over a wide geographical area requiring travel and overnight stays.

Must be flexible to constantly changing conditions – both as they relate to work schedule, and project site conditions.

Must be able to operate in a team-atmosphere and assist all co-workers in performance of duties.

Will receive instruction through on-the-job training, written memos, posted bulletins, classes, and rules and regulation manuals.

Will receive instruction through verbal communication in person, through electronic communication utilizing methods (2 way radio, phone, facsimile, email, etc.)

Responsible to work safely, assist in ensuring that safe working conditions exist for work crew, and report unsafe conditions to supervisor.

Must be familiar with identification, function, use, and selection of tools and power equipment normally used in performance of duties.

The following knowledge's are required:

Knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance.

Although not required to be hired for the position, the following knowledge's are required to be learned during your orientation period: 

Knowledge of principles and methods for moving trucks by rail, or road, including how to set trucks up on Hyrails and transport them down rail. Proper use of grapple and booms on trucks.

Fritz Rumer Cooke Co Inc is a EEO Employer and a Drug Free Workplace